Persona Matrix

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Introvert vs Extrovert Personality Test

Do you prefer spending time alone or with a group of friends?

Would you rather read a book at home or go to a lively party?

Do you enjoy deep one-on-one conversations or engaging with a large group?

Are you more drawn to solitary hobbies like painting or social activities like team sports?

Would you prefer to work independently on a project or collaborate with a team?

Are you more comfortable in small gatherings or large social events?

Do you find social gatherings energizing or draining?

Would you rather spend a weekend alone with a good book or at a festival with friends?

Do you often find yourself lost in thought, or do you prefer engaging in conversation?

Would you describe yourself as a 'people person' or do you prefer more solitude?

Do you prefer to observe people at a party or be the center of attention?

Are you more drawn to quiet, reflective activities or exciting, interactive experiences?

Do you often need time alone to recharge, or do you gain energy from being around others?